zondag 1 januari 2017


Hej there and welcome to my blog! As you might see the blog looks a little different. I have changed the name of my blog into poppymakesdiy.blogspot.com. I thought is was time to change it a little since I am mostly writing in English and also my videos are mostly in English. And since maakt is makes in English I thought it would be a simple but more or less the same name change. And since I am also on social media that means I have also changed those names. Down below I have placed a picture in which you see where and under which name you can find me, or just click the links down below and it will take you to the corresponding social media. Please do like, subscribe and/or follow me on social media, that way you'll never miss a thing. You might also see that I have indeed returned to Facebook. I hope to see you all on my "new" blog and please do follow me on my social. I would love to share this all with you. Have fun!

x Poppy




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